A collection of upcoming talent alongside established names, discover the finest indie artists this autumn in Belgium’s best music venues.

Autumn Falls, the exciting, high-quality festival hosted by booking agent Toutpartout, is ready for a new edition with a bunch of artists spread over the country.

Toutpartout celebrates the alternative indie culture and adds a nice set of Belgians to the line-up this year. The festival takes place from the end of September to the end of December.

Like other years, there is a limited number of full festival tickets available. The full festival ticket gives you access to all Autumn Falls shows in all venues. Single show tickets are offered by the venues themselves.

Check the Autumn Falls website for all info and tickets: www.autumnfalls.be

Friday 5/10

Friday 05.10.18
Daniel Brandt - Botanique

Tuesday 23/10

Tuesday 23.10.18
Sold out
Phosphorescent - Botanique

Thursday 25/10

Thursday 25.10.18
Jess Williamson - Botanique

Sunday 11/11

Sunday 11.11.18
Laura Jean - Botanique

Witloof Bar

Sunday 18/11

Wednesday 28/11

Wednesday 28.11.18
Saintseneca (c) Kate Sweeney - Botanique

Witloof Bar