Bota Kids

"Bota Kids": an original cultural visit for our youngest audience.

Known for its concerts and art exhibitions, the Botanique launches "Bota Kids": a project to get the youngest to know the world of music and visual arts in their own way.

This gives children the opportunity to discover why their parents come to Botanique, even though the program is specially tailored to their needs.

At 10:00 or 15:00 sharp, the Museum opens its doors to parents and children for a child-friendly tour through the current exhibition.

At 11:00 or 16:00 sharp, a few meters further, a concert will take place in the Rotonde. The duration of the concert will be adapted to 45 minutes, the capacity of the venue will be reduced, and a limitation of the sound volume will be fixed at 90 dBA (and this in partnership with "la Semaine du Son") in order to propose an ideal listening context and to sensitize all the spectators of the concert.

At 12:00 or 17:00 sharp, a drink on friendship (waters + soft) will be offered in the hallway of Botanique.


Bota Kids - Botanique
Bota Kids - Botanique