Bota Kids - Botanique

"Bota Kids": an original cultural visit for our youngest audience.

Known for its concerts and art exhibitions, the Botanique launches "Bota Kids": a project to get the youngest to know the world of music and visual arts in their own way.

This gives children the opportunity to discover why their parents come to Botanique, even though the program is specially tailored to their needs.

Europavox Project - Botanique

EUROPAVOX presents a broad spectrum of European music in the Botanique.

Based on a historical relationship, 7 venues from 7 different countries have come together to design, realize and deploy the EUROPAVOX PROJECT in order to facilitate the implementation of collaborations across our continent.

The aim is to gather European youth around an international and interactive live music experience! 

EUROPAVOX Brussels powered by Le Botanique !




A unique location, au coeur de Bruxelles, with a line-up to die for!
A festival that makes discovering and reinforcing musical careers its top priority. Want a proof? Take a look at the eclectic line-up, open to all the new trends with quality!

A collection of upcoming talent alongside established names, discover the finest indie artists this autumn in Belgium’s best music venues.

Autumn Falls, the exciting, high-quality festival hosted by booking agent Toutpartout, is ready for a new edition with a bunch of artists spread over the country.