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Flotation Toy Warning

zaterdag 21.10.17
na 13 jaar keert overlooked kamer-pop-project terug in stijl
Witloof Bar, Staand
dream pop, psyche, experimental
  • 19:30 doors
De voorprogramma's beginnen meestal om 20:00. Het definitieve tijdschema wordt hier aangekondigd om 14:00 op de dag van het concert.
Over dit concert: 

Cancellation of the Flotation Toy Warning’s upcoming tour dates due to health issues

There are some news we would rather not to bring.

As many of you know, Flotation Toy Warning released their second full-lenght "The Machine That Made Us" last june, thirteen years after their debut "Bluffer’s Guide To The Flight Deck"And it is a great return.

The band was supposed to play a couple of french shows ( + Brussels at Le Botanique) late october, but we are sad to announce today that these tour dates are cancelled due to health problems. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and disappointment caused to fans, but that decision has not been taken lightly.

Thanks in advance for your undestanding and support, and we hope to give you some better news in the near future.

Flotation Toy Warning

Flotation Toy Warning - Botanique

Gek groepje dat Flotation Toy Warning: in 2004 debuteerden ze, om de dertien daarop volgende jaren amper iets van zich te laten horen. Nu zijn de mysterieuze Britten terug met een nieuwe plaat, “The Machine That Made Us”.

Flotation Toy Warning - Everything That Is Difficult Will Come To An End [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Flotation Toy Warning - King Of Foxgloves [OFFICIAL AUDIO]

Flotation Toy Warning - Botanique

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