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Michael Gira - Clement Nourry

vrijdag 09.02.18
Swans-frontman concerteert solo met nieuw materiaal
Orangerie, Zitplaatsen
folk, rock, experimental, jazz, instrumental, folk rock
  • 19:30 doors
  • 20:00 - 20:30 Clement Nourry
  • 21:00 - 22:15 Michael Gira
Over dit concert: 

Now that this last phase of Swans is over, I'm not quite sure it actually happened. It's already fading, like most things. I think we achieved something there though, and it was good after shows to go out and meet people and get a sense of how the music has effected them, either that night or through the years. I'm always touched when I hear the music has had a salutary effect on someone, since it's had the same effect on me - which is why I do it. So, even if the details are increasingly hazy, I feel we've left something positive behind, and perhaps contributed something worthwhile. 

Now, as is natural, I'm looking towards what comes next. I'm currently writing new material for the next phase of Swans, some of which I'll perform on my upcoming solo tours. Sitting there alone on stage with a dead piece of wood and some wires and just my voice is a challenge I set for myself a number of years ago, trying to fully embody the same thread that's run through the music all along, with the simplest of means. I think I've gotten pretty good at it over time. I play the guitar my own way. I've never really learned how to play it conventionally and I don't care to do so. I could just as easily be hitting two rocks together, as far as I'm concerned. It provides a context for the voice and words, and just as in the music of Swans, when all the elements (known and unknowable) combine, it can lead to something beyond itself, which is always the place I'd like to go: somewhere else. I hope to see you there.

Michael Gira / Swans

Michael Gira (c) Cyrille Choupas - Botanique

Nu Swans in zijn huidige gedaante opgehouden is met bestaan, neemt Michael Gira weer solo zijn gitaar op om intieme en beklijvende concerten te geven.

Clement Nourry (c) S.Magnone - Botanique

Clement Nourry maakt muzikale haïkus, betoverende koorzangen en hypnotiserende loops. Hoewel hij altijd op zoek is naar nieuwe plaatsen en muzikale horizonten, is Brussel al meer dan vijftien jaar zijn thuishaven.

Reeling The Liars In

M. Gira - Where Does Your Body Begin?

Under The Reefs Orchestra "Hoedic" @ Nuits Botanique 2017


Michael Gira - Botanique

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