U bent hier

Weldra zal er hier een Nederlandstalige tekst staan, nog even geduld.

Initially described as a noise or grunge band The K. return this fall.

After 200 gigs spreading their plague all over Europe, the band really needed to settle down and start something different. The K. returns with a new introspective and condensed album: "Burning Pattern Etiquette".

The record never scatters nor vanish. Nowadays The K. strikes right where it hurts.  

The speed slows down, the sound gets heavier. Intensity takes over brutality and The K. now reveals rage & desolation through layers of reverbs and echoes. The whole process of composition, recording & production took almost two years. This period have freed them from conventions and trends and was necessary to get them out of their comfort zone.

Noise, math rock, garage are now parts of their playground. Almost entirely composed on bass "Burning pattern Etiquette" is rhythmically and vocally precise, sharp & meticulous. 

Seeing them live is more than a simple show. It's an experience in itself and The K. can surely deliver.

Until you can see them live on their upcoming tour, rush yourselves on "Burning Pattern Etiquette" which will be released on October 2nd, 2015.

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